Alive Church Discipleship Training

Train or be Trained

  • At Alive we believe the best way to grow and take your next steps is to do our discipleship study. In a small group or 1 on 1 discipleship is the way Jesus modeled spiritual development for His disciples. A discipleship leader or group leader does not need to have all the answers. Our materials walk you day by day through the foundations of faith and is a simple way that anyone can follow. The mentor or leader just needs to be a few steps ahead of the person being discipled.
  • Got that “I’m not being fed” feeling? Been around the church a while and feeling stagnant? Disciple someone and you will experience as much or more food and growth as the person you disciple. As Jeff says, “Don’t complain about not being fed if your not gonna pick up your spoon.”
  • Discipleship should be done with a person or small group of the same sex or with a couple discipling another couple.
  • Sign up on your connection card under Train(I want to disciple someone) or Be Trained(I want to be discipled). Our next steps pastor will pair you will an appropriate partner to get the process started. Online Connection Card
  • If your ready to dive in here are more instructions and readings to get your started. Life Transformation Study
  • Enjoy your Next Step Journey!
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