Live As A Disciple
Rooted – Part 1

Live As A Disciple | Rooted – Part 1
September 30 and October 1, 2017 | Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love

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Daily Reading – Live As A Disciple

Live As A Disciple
Rooted – Part 1
September 30th & October 1st, 2017
Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love

‘”If you want to be my disciple, you must hate everyone else by comparison—your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even your own life. Otherwise, you cannot be my disciple.”’     Luke 14:26

  • While Every Disciple Is A Believer, Not Every Believer Is A Disciple.
  1. Take Up My Cross.

“‘And if you do not carry your own cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple.’”  Luke 14:27

“‘…If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross daily, and follow me.’”  Luke 9:23

  1. Count the Cost.

“‘But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building  without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it?’”  Luke 14:28

“‘…you cannot become my disciple without giving up everything you own.’”   Luke 14:33

  1. Make God The Boss.

“‘If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake and for the sake of the Good News, you will save it.’”   Mark 8:35

“For if you live by its dictates, you will die. But if through the power of the Spirit you put to death the deeds of your sinful nature, you will live.”  Romans 8:13


My Next Step This Week: ___ As a disciple of Jesus I am taking up my cross of discipling others.


Life Group Discussion Questions

  1. What is a Disciple? And what do they do?
  2. What does love require of you?
  3. Have you chosen to identify completely with the message of Jesus? What does that look like in your life?
  4. What are you doing to invest in serving God and people?
  5. Read John 15:1-8. As a disciple, what does it mean to “remain in Christ”?
  6. Read Luke 14:26-27. What did Jesus mean when he says “hate” here?
  7. What are you doing to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus?

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