Summer Fun Can Mean Spiritual Growth

Summer Fun Can Mean Spiritual Growth

Fun in the sun can be spiritually enlightening. Summer is a time for more than just meaningless activities with your friends. Instead, this summer can be packed with activities that can enlighten and empower you and your friends!

Spiritual growth means more than simply sitting in church, attending a class, or meditating. Although all those are an important part of spiritual growth, spiritual growth can come from simple pleasures like a few minutes of contemplative thought about God, your life, past, future, or anything that means a lot to you.

The only requirement for spiritual growth is a willingness to think deeply about your relationship with God and His values and plans for your life. It’s also important to consider how you are living and reflecting His love and values in your day-to-day relationships and experiences.  

Summer Fun Doesn’t Have to Be in The Sun

The summertime offers more than simply enjoying the sand, surf, and sunshine of the beach. You can beat the heat indoors or use the warm evenings of summer as a time to grow spiritually. Many people enjoy spending time near a large body of water, such as a lake or ocean, in the summertime. Summer nights near the water provide an excellent backdrop for you to relax.

Sit quietly, and really listen to all of the sounds around you. You can do this alone or with friends. A group outing can be very spiritual if you simply take the initiative to turn your thinking and conversation to God. As you listen to the sounds around you, consider their variety and how God created them for your pleasure. This works especially well at the beach around a campfire. If you are with family or friends, everyone can participate, and the benefits of a spiritual conversation in a moment like this are worth the time invested.

Try these suggestions for summer fun and spiritual growth:

  • Pool time is always a good time to relax and talk about the things of God.
  • Spend time around a campfire in the mountains. (Mt. Lemmon is a short mountain day trip.) 
  • Travel to the beach and watch the waves. (We have some great lakes within less than 100 miles of Tucson.)
  • Get away to a peaceful destination, such as a trail or park. (This works great after dark when you can see the stars in the desert.)
  • Take a class or attend a retreat. (We have several classes at Alive Church throughout the summer.)
  • Examine the value in the small things you do.
  • And don’t forget to continue to connect at Church. (If you are traveling, you can keep up with adult, youth, and kids services online at

As you explore ways to have fun while still getting something meaningful out of it, your friends who haven’t yet joined you will be intrigued. People will want what you have because of your example of inner peace and freedom. Talk about what you are doing with friends, family, and co-workers. Your friends may not yet completely understand your journey, but they’ll be eager to share in its benefits and might enjoy being a part of it all. 

Summer Sunshine Means a Bright Future

While the sun shines daily here in the desert, summer sunshine is enjoyed in a variety of different ways to stay out of the heat. Use your playtime to grow and develop. You can learn and grow personally and relationally while at play simply by being intentional about the conversations and the things you choose to do with your free time. Back to school is coming fast, so take some time to really focus on enjoying your family and friends while at the same time growing spiritually as an individual and in those relationships. 

Your spirit, like your mind and body, is capable of much more than you can imagine.When you focus on making sure you are growing in your relationship with God through Jesus, you will soar in reaching and living your potential. Each moment has the potential for spiritual growth; never take them for granted. Live each moment to the fullest by focusing on the eternal. 

While enjoying the rest of your summer, realize what a glorious gift God has given in life itself. Take time to laugh, run, play, and let your hair down. Savor each moment of your summer instead of taking it for granted. Your life and summer are beautiful gifts; make the most of them!

I look forward to seeing you in the cool auditorium of Alive Church this weekend or online!

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  1. Patty Evans

    I’ve always enjoyed summers, even in the desert. These are some great ideas. Thank you Pastor Jeff.

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