Transforming Lives: The Power of One Voice and Our Christmas Offering

Transforming Lives: The Power of One Voice and Our Christmas Offering

I cannot express enough how much I love being a part of Alive Church. I am profoundly grateful and honored to serve as your pastor every day. The sense of community here is fantastic, and your unwavering commitment to our mission strengthens my faith and inspires me. It is not simply about being part of a church; it’s about being part of a deeply connected family, the Alive Church. The love, support, and generosity you continually show are testaments to the power of our shared faith and the immense impact of pointing people to Jesus and seeing Him transform lives. We are together on this journey, and I am beyond blessed to walk this path with you.

Merry Mania? No! Merry Christmas!

The joy and excitement at Merry Mania were palpable as we took the journey with Pastor Kyle, our children’s Pastor. The adventure he led us on was engaging and enlightening, filled with laughter, learning, and moments of heartfelt connection. Our delightful puppet friend, Ollie, was a hit with the kids (and adults) as he helped bring the Christmas message alive in a fun and engaging way. There were smiles, laughter echoing through the church, and genuine joy from a shared experience. Everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest adult, was touched by the infectious enthusiasm of Pastor Kyle, Ollie, and our other friends from the kid’s ministry. It was not just an event, it was an unforgettable journey that left us all feeling more connected, hopeful, and excited about the true meaning of Christmas – Jesus gives us hope! It reminds us that  Christmas does not have to be a time of Mania but of real hope, and as we will see this week as I continue in the series “Joy,” a time of peace.

Gratitude and Transformation through One Voice: Your Support Matters

Thank you all for your consistent support for One Voice. It’s truly transforming the lives of our families, children, and youth, and we couldn’t do it without you. I love Alive Chruch’s commitment to being a multi-generational church and implementing One Voice as our strategy to ensure we stay focused on being multi-generational. It is a picture of living out God’s desire for His family. A family is not one age group, lest it die and disappear. But a family, and especially the family of God, is as always connecting the strength of the youth with the wisdom of the aged (Proverbs 20:29). 

A Remarkable Update: We’re at 80% of Our Christmas Offering Goal!

As you may know, this time of year, we always give a Christmas offering, and we give every penny away to ministries outside our walls and those in need. You can see which ones are on our brochure by clicking this Christmas Offering link. This year’s goal is to give away $75,000, and we can do it! To update you: after only a few weeks, you have given $60,630.65, meaning we are already at 80% of our goal – YEAH God!!! 

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving generously. This is an offering over and above our regular tithes and offerings, so it truly reflects your heart for giving. As I like to say, none of this offering goes to keep the lights on at Alive Church but to those in need. Thank you for choosing to be a channel of blessing to those in need this Christmas!

Join Us in Filling a Van with Hope: Our Mission to Feed the Homeless

As a part of our Christmas offering, we will pack a van full of food on December 15 to feed people experiencing homelessness in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, where we do missions ministry. Our Church partners there will gather on Christmas morning to cook the food and then deliver meals to the homeless. If you want to be a part of our Christmas offering this way, we collect food on Thursday, December 14th, and then load the van to head back to Mexico on Friday, December 15th. And yes, you can volunteer to collect the food and pack the van; reach out to Andy at this email: 

A Warm Invitation: Join Us This Weekend for a Uplifting Experience of Faith & Community

I’m looking forward to seeing you all this weekend as I continue our series on Joy. This week, focusing on Advent being peace, is a perfect time to invite those you know and love to join you at Alive Church. All of us need to know how to walk in the fullness of the Peace that Jesus came to give us at Christmas. Let’s continue to spread joy in our community and beyond this Christmas season. Thank you for being a part of the Alive Church family!

In Christ,

Pastor Jeff

P.S. As we look forward to the New Year, my heart is filled with anticipation and excitement! I am thrilled about the plans God has in store for us, starting with a series in January called ‘Life On Mission.’ It’s a series to help us align our everyday lives with God’s mission and purpose. Leading on from that, we will launch into a series on ‘Ignite your Life,’ focused on sparking that divine passion within us. Watch for more details in the coming days!


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