Alive Church All-In Partnership

As a follower of Jesus, I recognize that I am a member of God’s family and am choosing to go “All-In” as a partner with Alive Church in the mission of “Leading people who are far from God to be followers of Jesus.” In doing so, I commit myself to the following:

  1. I will Protect the unity of MY CHURCH.
    • By acting in love toward others.
    • By refusing to gossip.
    • By following the leadership.
  1. I will Share in the responsibility of MY CHURCH.
    • By praying for its growth.
    • By investing in and inviting others.
    • By warmly welcoming our guests.
    • By investing in the Next Generation
  1. I will Serve MY CHURCH.
    • By discovering my gifts and talents.
    • By being equipped to serve.
    • By developing a servant’s heart.
  1. I will Support the mission & vision of MY CHURCH.
    • By attending regularly.
    • By living a Godly life.
    • By giving regularly.