Compassion in Action

The Heart of Jesus and How to Show Compassion to Those Who Are Vulnerable Jesus’ Compassion Jesus is often referred to as the embodiment of love and compassion. Throughout the New Testament, we see countless instances of Jesus showing compassion toward those vulnerable, marginalized, and needy. His love and empathy knew no boundaries – he…

The Power of Compassion: Exploring Jesus’ Teachings in Matthew 9:35-38

Often, when we observe the world around us, it’s easy to slip into a mindset of judgment and critique, especially towards those who seem lost or astray from God’s Kingdom. It’s a daily tension – the inclination to assess and categorize based on our human perspectives rather than embracing the deep-seated compassion that Jesus exemplified….

Compassion Through Action: Living the Teachings of Jesus

In the book of Luke, Jesus gives us a profound teaching: “You must be compassionate, just as your Father is compassionate.” (Luke 6:36). Compassion is more than a simple feeling of sympathy; it is an active, powerful force that drives us to aid those in need, to alleviate suffering, and to uphold the dignity of…

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