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Alive Church Groups

About Groups

We all need other people in our lives. One of the things to emerge out of the pandemic is how easily we can become isolated, and how detrimental that isolation can become when we have no outlet for being with people. Life Groups are the primary way in which we live out one of the Core Values of Alive Church: Doing Life Together.

Alive Church Life Groups are designed for you to experience a supportive and authentic place in which to get to know people and to be known by others in a safe environment. Our Groups seek to serve and support each other as well as serve with each other. Plus we have a lot of fun!

Most of our Groups are doing a “hybrid” format of online “Zoom” and in-person. The choice is totally up to each Group member as to how they choose to participate. Try it out! If you get in a Group that doesn’t seem like a great fit, we’ll help you find another Group.

How To Sign Up
Click the button below and it will take you to our Life Groups navigation page.

STEP 2: Use the sort function to find a Group based on things like Life Stage, Day of the Week, Location, etc. You can also click the “MAP View” and see a map of the general locations of our Life Groups.

STEP 3: Pick a group and enter your name and email. The Life Group Leader will then contact you about the details of getting started with the Group.

If you have any trouble with navigating that page, let us know! Email us at

“One night our life group was going to meet and have a potluck chili dinner. That afternoon I fell coming down off of the roof breaking my femur in my right leg. Later a text went out to all of our group members and they all came down to the emergency room, bringing the potluck with them. They prayed over me and served chili with the people and families in the emergency waiting room. Because of that, many people were touched by God that day.”
– Scott Ekstrom Alive Church Elder

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Hey Parents! 

All Youth from 6th-12th grade can also join a small group! Click the link below to help your kids find a small group best for them.