Small Groups

Alive Church Small Groups are designed for you to experience a supportive and authentic place to get to know people and to be known by others in a safe environment. Our Small Groups seek to serve, support, and equip others to live our mission: Lead. Train. Send

How to Sign Up

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Step 2

Search for a Small Group that best suits your schedule and interests.

Step 3

Sign up for the Small Group! The Leader will contact you with details.

Join a Summer Group!

During the Summer, we have 5 Bible Study groups available. Click the link to see what each group is studying!

Start a discipleship!

Life Transformation Groups

These Groups are for 2-7 people who will, over one year, go through the Life Transformation Discipleship Plan. This plan was developed to transform people from learning who Jesus is, to living as His devoted follower.

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What is a Small Group?
A Small Group is a gathering made up of 7-14 people who meet weekly to share, study, and support one another.

What is the purpose of Small Groups?
A Small Group is designed to help one another grow in their faith and live the mission of Alive Church. Lead People to Jesus, Train People to Follow Jesus, and Send People to Lead for Jesus.

When do Small Groups meet?
September 3 – October 11: 6 weeks
October 22 – November 22: 5 weeks
January 7 – March 14: 9 weeks
March 24 – May 16: 8 weeks
Total: 28 weeks

What if I’ve never been in a Small Group before?
We have a Small Group at Alive Church led by our Lead Pastor, Jeff Love, designed specifically for those who are new to Alive Church or those who have never been in a Small Group. Email for more info.

What do we focus on in Small Groups?
Small Groups take a deeper dive into the weekend message and how it applies to our lives. Each week we also focus on equipping others to live out the mission of Alive Church: Lead people to Jesus, Train people to follow Jesus, and Send people to lead for Jesus.

What about childcare?
Not every Small Group will have childcare. Check the Group if it’s available.

Are there Small Groups for Youth?
Yes, the Alive Youth Ministry (AYM) offers small groups for students. These happen during our One Night on Tuesday evenings. Email Youth Director Michelle at for more info.

Groups Pastor
Michael Bauschka

Need Help?

If you join a Small Group that doesn’t seem like a great fit or need help finding a Small Group, email We will help you find the right Small Group!