Life Groups

Life Groups

Pastor Jeff’s Life Group

Mondays at 6:00pm at Alive Church in the Auditorium. You are invited!

Pastor Jeff’s Life Group is designed with you in mind!  If you are new to Alive Church this is the group for you.  This group will help you experience what a sermon-based life group is like.  You will enjoy growing spiritually and experience the fellowship and benefits of doing life together. 

Hey, Parents!

We have a new Kids Life Group starting for 3rd – 5th Graders. Click below to learn more.

Life Groups

We all need other people in our lives. Life Groups are the primary way in which we live out one of the Core Values of Alive Church: Connecting Deeply

Alive Church Life Groups are designed for you to experience a supportive and authentic place in which to get to know people and to be known by others in a safe environment. Our Groups seek to serve and support each other as well as serve with each other.
Plus we have a lot of fun!

Try it out! If you get into a Group that doesn’t seem like a great fit, we’ll help you find another Group.

How to Sign Up

STEP 1: Click the groups button and it will take you to our Life Groups navigation page.

STEP 2: Use the sort function to find a Group based on things like Life Stage, Day of the Week, Location, etc. You can also click the “MAP View” and see a map of the general locations of our Life Groups.

STEP 3: Pick a group and enter your name and email. The Life Group Leader will then contact you about the details of getting started with the Group.

If you have any trouble with navigating that page, let us know!
Email our Groups Pastor Michael at

Why Do We Do Life in Community?

At Alive Church, we maximize our potential as a multi-generational church by strengthening and discipling families through our One Voice strategy which includes Life Groups. When our adults and youth are all on the same topic using One Voice sermon-based questions we see better retention and application of what we all learned from the weekend talk. Group members interact with the unified message from the weekend, helping us as a church to grow deeper in the Biblical principle taught. New believers and those mature in their faith journey participate in the same conversation allowing them to partner with the mission of Alive Church and disciple the newer believer. Regardless of where someone is on their faith journey the group discussion is based around the biblical content from the weekend message encouraging each other to live out the application. 

Sermon-based groups allow everyone to focus on and share how they were challenged by God’s Word during the weekend message. This helps us to live out our mission by emphasizing application and training people to obey God’s Word. Through sermon-based groups, we help each other apply the Word and we maximize our potential in our spiritual journey by doing life in community. The great news is you get prepared for group by simply attending the weekend service!

Our group discussion questions are written by seminary-trained experts who add historical context and additional scripture to read while in group and at home for Bible study. Our groups are structured so that Life Group Leaders function as facilitators. They don’t need to have extensive biblical knowledge and training to lead the group discussion. This allows more people to serve in the capacity of Life Group Leader and advance the mission of Jesus.

You will hear us say over and over “We do life in community at Alive Church through sermon-based Life Groups”. The laser-focus strategy of One Voice maximizes the impact of God’s Word in our church family and makes Life Groups accessible to everyone. The more we live in this model of sermon-based groups the more we see Alive Church attendees successfully apply God’s Word to their daily lives and experience genuine Life Transformation as God changes the way we think.

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