Life Transformation Discipleship Plan Instructions

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Life Transformation Discipleship Plan:

  1. Set a time to meet weekly with a discipleship partner and keep meetings to 1 hour or less if possible. (A Life Transformation Discipleship Group should be no more than 3 to 4 people.)
  2. The goal of discipleship is transformation, not information.
  3. Cover one Daily Reading topic per week until all are completed.
  4. Daily Reading topics are a one page per week reading to be read daily.
  5. Each Daily Reading topic has 7 days of Daily Study, a few verses to read in the Bible. Do one Daily Study each day.
  6. Memorize the Memory Verse per week for each Daily Reading topic.
  7. Each week you will answer 3 Life Transformation Questions for each Daily Reading Topic.

Life Transformation Discipleship Group Instructions:

  1. Begin with prayer, ask God to transform your lives to be more like Jesus.
  2. Have a group member read the Daily Reading from the previous week out loud.
  3. Discuss the 3 Life Transformation Questions in light of the previous week’s Daily Reading. (Encourage groups members to highlight and underline parts that stand out as they read throughout the week. This will add value to the discussion.)
  4. Once last week’s Daily Reading topic is complete, turn to next week’s Daily Reading and have the group read it aloud.
  5. Close by praying for one another’s needs.

Tip: One thing that helps groups to be accountable is to group message a nugget of truth from the Daily Reading after you have read it each day. This can be done through text, a private FaceBook, email, etc. Use what works best for your group.

Upon completion of all the Life Transformation topics, the trainer and trainee prayerfully ask God who to partner with to disciple through the Life Transformation Discipleship Plan and reproduce the process over and over again.

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