At The Movies – Part 2: When Life Is Unfair

At The Movies – Part 2: When Life Is Unfair

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When Life Is Unfair
At The Movies – Part 2
June 22-23, 2019
Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love


“The Lord is good, a strong refuge when trouble comes.” Nahum 1:7a

“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28


  • When Life Is Unfair, God Is Good.


  1. Recognize God’s perspective about us:

a. We’re all sinners

            “…No one is righteous—not even one…No one does good, not a single one.” Romans 3:10,12b

b. We deserve punishment

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23   

  1. Recognize God’s perspective about us through Christ and The Cross

a. We are one.

“There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:28

b. We are forgiven.

“…your sins have been forgiven through Jesus.1 John 2:12b

 “’…Love your neighbor as yourself.’ But if you favor some people over others, you are committing a sin.” James 2:8-9a


My Next Step: When life seems unfair this week, I will pray for God to give me His perspective.


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