The New Normal – Part 4: God’s Encouragement for Your Family

The New Normal – Part 4: God’s Encouragement for Your Family

God’s Encouragement for Your Family
The New Normal – Part 4
August 22-23, 2020
Pastors Steve Tanner, Jason Marsden, Sheri Marsden
Numbers 6:24-26

“I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19 (p.550)

“May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor and give you his peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 (p.109)

  • Trust God’s Plan For My Role In My Family.

To TRUST God’ plan I need to:

  1. Pursue God’s Plan.

”Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.Proverbs 3:5-6 (p.482)

  1. Live out God’s Plan.

“Remain in me, and I will remain in you. For a branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me.” John 15:4 (p.824)

Next Step: ______ I will pray the Prayer of Blessing from Numbers 6:24-26 over the people I do life with. (Family, friends, group, etc. Pray it over each specific person.)

An example of how you might incorporate Numbers 6:24-26 into your personal prayer:

Lord please bless and protect __________. May You smile on them and be gracious to them. And Lord, may You show ___________ Your favor and give them Your peace.

Discussion Guide from the Weekend Talk

From the Weekend Talk of August 22-23, 2020
The New Normal – Week 4: God’s Encouragement for Your Family

We encourage you to use this guide with your family, over the phone, or online with friends.

Lif­e Groups use these questions to go deeper into what we talked about this weekend. Dig into them so you will be ready for the discussion at your Life Group. Our Fall Life Groups are now meeting, but you still have time to get in a group. You can find out more at

Conversation Starters

What is your role in your family? How has it changed over time?

Who encourages you? Who do you seek to encourage?

In what area of life do you need encouragement right now?

Qui­­ck Review

Looking back at your Talk Notes, was there anything you heard in the service that stood out or maybe even confused you?

Discussion Starters from the Weekend Talk

Refer to the Talk Notes and related Bible verses from this Weekend’s Talk Notes.

This week Pastors Steve Tanner, Jason Marsden, and Sheri Marsden highlighted One Thing to remember from this Talk:Trust God’s Plan For My Role In My Family.

  • Read Isaiah 43:19 (p.550*) and Numbers 6:24-26 (p.109*)
    • When have you experienced God doing something new in your family, or in your life?
    • What emotions do you experience when you face something new?
    • What does God’s blessing look like?
    • Have you ever experienced something you knew was God’s blessing?
    • (Note: Be sure you focus on the Next Step in your prayer time in group this week. See “Next Step” below.)

Steve, Jason, and Sheri focused on a couple of things we can do to trust God’s plan:

  1. Pursue God’s Plan. (Proverbs 3:5-8 (p.482*))
    • Have you ever trusted in your plan only to realize that it wasn’t necessarily God’s plan?
    • How do you “trust in the Lord?” How does that work?
    • How do you know God is trustworthy?
    • What does the author of this Proverb say about our human wisdom?
      • Does this mean we are incapable of acting in wise ways? Why or why not?
    • What would be your 60-second “elevator speech” about what God’s plan is for your family?
  2. Live out God’s Plan. (John 15:1-6 (p.824*))
    • Last week much of Tucson experienced a significant storm. If you walked around immediately afterwards you would have seen lots of green leaves and branches on the ground. But in a very short time, they turned brown—without the nourishment, they need from the tree (or the vine).
      • Have you ever felt like you were disconnected from Jesus? What caused the feeling of separation? How did you get reconnected?
      • What does it mean to “remain” in Jesus? How do you do that? What practical steps can you take to do this?
      • How does remaining in Jesus help you live out God’s Plan?
      • Do you find it hard to ask for help?

Digging Deeper

Take a look at these selected passages that relate to family and relationships. For each one, ask yourself: How does this apply to my family? What can I do to experience this in my family?

  • 1 John 4:19 (p.943*)    Colossians 3:13 (p.904*)
  • Exodus 20:12 (p.59*)    Joshua 24:15 (p.186*)
  • 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 (p.878*)

Next Step

My Next Step: ____ I will pray the Prayer of Blessing from Numbers 6:24-26 over the people I do life with. (Family, friends, group, etc. Pray it over each specific person.)


  • Walkthrough Numbers 6:24-26 and pray it as a prayer over the individual people of your group. You might even want to say it together as you speak the name of each group member.

What’s Ahead

Our Fall Life Groups Semester kicks off THIS WEEK. If you are already in a Life Group you won’t need to sign up again. If you are not, or if you know people who are not yet in a Group, please encourage them to sign up! Find out more at This weekend we wrap up our Talk Series: The New Normal. What if the old normal isn’t normal anymore for you and your family? What if God is trying to get our attention for the new normal? We have to figure out what normal is, according to God. We continue to be Alive Church Online through our various channels and platforms:; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Roku, and Apple TV. Invite your friends! Share our posts! Let’s get more and more people connected through Alive Church Online! To see our Re-Entry Plan, go to and click the link. All of these notes are also in our App. To get our FREE App just text “ALIVEAZ APP” to this number: 77977 and follow the instructions. If you need help, we’ll help you!

* The Life Transformation Bible is the New Living Translation of the Bible, including many useful tools to help you better understand God’s Word, including our own Alive Church Life Transformation Discipleship Plan. They are available FREE. Let us know if you’d like to have one.