Servant Saturday Projects

Servant Saturday Projects

Interfaith Community Services (ICS) 

Project # 1 Yard Work: Some outdoor work- including weeding, raking, light tree trimming, and clearing brush.  Sweeping and power washing sidewalks.  Supplies needed include rakes, loopers, and gloves.

Children are welcome but with supervision.

Project # 2 Van Cleaning: Washing three vans both outside and inside. Needed supplies include a power washer, car wash soap, cleaning supplies for the inside of the van.  Children may be involved but with supervision. 

Gospel Rescue Mission

Project # 1 Warehouse: Help to assemble boxes of kitchen items and clean and organize the warehouse  Recommended ages 13 and up.

GAP Ministries

Project # 1 Foster Homes: Moving a foster group home.  Split into two teams one to finish loading and cleaning the ‘old’ home and the second team to help unpack and organize the new place. Welcome cleaning supplies and tools to disassemble and reassemble furniture.  

Gloves are recommended.  Children 10 and up.

Hope City

Project # 1 Baptistry:  Spruce up the baptistry with paint, tape on the stairs.  The paint is provided but will need the grip tape. The project is for older teens and adults. 

Project # 2 Soundbooth: Expand and reinforce the sound booth; the front panel is loose; needs to be stabilized.  Construction supplies- tools, 2 X 4, and plywood.  This project is for adults and older teens. 

Project # 3 Baseboards: Install baseboards.  Need a nail gun and white caulk.  Teenagers and adults. 

Project # 4 Youth Room: Painting of the Hope City Youth Room.  Painting supplies are needed.  This project is for teens and adults. 

Eagles Wings of Grace

Project # 1 Jewelry: Building bags of donated jewelry. This is for teenagers and older. 

Project # 2 Cleaning: Cleaning and yard work and cleaning around the facility.  Any cleaning tools, rakes, blower, clippers, etc.  This project is for anyone 13 and older. 

Alive Church

Project # 1 Prayer Path: Cleaning and clearing the Alive Prayer Path.  All ages but

children with supervision. 

Project # 2 Courtyard: Cleaning and wiping down all tables and areas in the front and 

back courtyard areas around Alive. 

Project # 3 Container: Cleaning out and organizing the containers at Alive.  Please bring gloves.  Adults and teenagers.