Truck Drivers

Truck Drivers

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Over-The-Road Truckers to Get Fuel of Human Kindness
to Keep America Going

April 15, 2020 Tucson, AZ: Like many Americans, Kent Bauman and Michael Quinn of Alive Church on the NW side of Tucson wanted to find a way to help those who have sacrificed to help our country get through this COVID-19 pandemic.

Many Americans and organizations in Tucson and around the country are already expressing their gratitude to medical personnel and first responders.  But what about our truck drivers?  Through hardship and risk of peril, our truck drivers have worked tirelessly to ensure that supplies of food, medical supplies, and other products move from farm and factory to local merchants, ensuring that our families have what we need to live, and keep our economy going.

Thanks to the donations and support received from private individuals and the organizations listed below, at least 300 free sack lunches will be given to over-the-road truckers passing through the Triple T Truck Stop at Craycroft and Interstate 10 every weekday beginning Thursday April 17 from 12 noon until 2:00 pm, until donated funds are exhausted.

Truckers are extremely limited on the places they can get food while on the road, so these sack lunches will be greatly appreciated.  The Triple T Truck Stop has generously discounted the cost of these meals to make donations go further.  We have raised initial funds to get this started but will only be able to continue through the generosity of YOU and everyone else!
This effort is being organized by friends from church and community to express appreciation to the many truckers passing in and out of Tucson, AZ during these critical times of the #COVID19 global emergency.  You, too can help by making a small donation through a Go Fund Me site set up to cover more free sack lunches for over-the-road drivers.

Volunteers will safely pass sack lunches to truckers as they pull through the Triple T Truck Stop near the Craycroft Road exit from Interstate 10.

Please help us thank America’s truckers with a small donation today!

For individual donations:—COVID19 – Feed Our Nation’s Long Haul Truckers – #COVID19

 For corporate donations, or to volunteer on a weekday for a few hours, email us at